var arrAdmFields = new Object(); // Divisions arrAdmFields['ECD'] = new Array( new Array("Burundi Union Mission", "BURM") , new Array("East Congo Union Mission", "ECUM") , new Array("East Kenya Union Conference", "EAKU") , new Array("Ethiopian Union Mission", "ETUM") , new Array("North East Congo Union Mission", "NECO") , new Array("Northern Tanzania Union Conference", "NTAU") , new Array("Rwanda Union Mission", "RWUM") , new Array("Southern Tanzania Union Mission", "STAU") , new Array("Uganda Union Mission", "UGUM") , new Array("West Congo Union Mission", "WCUM") , new Array("West Kenya Union Conference", "WKEU") , new Array("South Sudan Attached Territory", "SSAT") ); arrAdmFields['ESD'] = new Array( new Array("Euro-Asia Division (Branch)", "ESDB") , new Array("Belarus Union of Churches Conference", "BELC") , new Array("Caucasus Union Mission", "CAUU") , new Array("East Russian Union Mission", "ERUM") , new Array("Far Eastern Union of Churches Mission", "FEC") , new Array("Moldova Union of Churches Conference", "MOUC") , new Array("Southern Union Mission", "ESUC") , new Array("Trans-Caucasus Union of Churches Mission", "TRCA") , new Array("Ukrainian Union Conference", "UKUC") , new Array("West Russian Union Conference", "WRUC") , new Array("Crimea Mission", "CRIM") ); arrAdmFields['IAD'] = new Array( new Array("Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission", "ATCA") , new Array("Belize Union of Churches Mission", "BELM") , new Array("Caribbean Union Conference", "CRUC") , new Array("Central Mexican Union Mission", "CMUM") , new Array("Chiapas Mexican Union Conference", "SMUC") , new Array("Cuban Union Conference", "CUUC") , new Array("Dominican Union Conference", "DMUM") , new Array("Dutch Caribbean Union Mission", "DUTC") , new Array("East Venezuela Union Mission", "EVAU") , new Array("El Salvador Union Mission", "ELSA") , new Array("French Antilles-Guiana Union Conference", "FAGUM") , new Array("Guatemala Union Mission", "NCAU") , new Array("Haitian Union Mission", "HAUM") , new Array("Honduras Union Mission", "MCAU") , new Array("Inter-Oceanic Mexican Union Conference", "IOMU") , new Array("Jamaica Union Conference", "WIUC") , new Array("North Colombian Union Conference", "CLUC") , new Array("North Mexican Union Conference", "NMUC") , new Array("Panama Union Mission", "PAMA") , new Array("Puerto Rican Union Conference", "PRUC") , new Array("South Central American Union Mission", "SCAU") , new Array("South Colombian Union Conference", "SOCO") , new Array("Southeast Mexican Union Mission", "SEMU") , new Array("West Venezuela Union Mission", "VAUM") ); arrAdmFields['EUD'] = new Array( new Array("Austrian Union of Churches Conference", "AUOC") , new Array("Bulgarian Union of Churches Conference", "BUOC") , new Array("Czecho-Slovakian Union Conference", "CSUC") , new Array("Franco-Belgian Union Conference", "FBUC") , new Array("Italian Union of Churches Conference", "IUOC") , new Array("North German Union Conference", "NGUC") , new Array("Portuguese Union of Churches Conference", "PUOC") , new Array("Romanian Union Conference", "RMUC") , new Array("South German Union Conference", "SGUC") , new Array("Spanish Union of Churches Conference", "SUOC") , new Array("Swiss Union Conference", "SWSC") ); arrAdmFields['NAD'] = new Array( new Array("Atlantic Union Conference", "ATUC") , new Array("Canada, SDA Church in", "SCIC") , new Array("Columbia Union Conference", "COUC") , new Array("Lake Union Conference", "LKUC") , new Array("Mid-America Union Conference", "MAUC") , new Array("North Pacific Union Conference", "NPUC") , new Array("Pacific Union Conference", "PAUC") , new Array("Southern Union Conference", "NSUC") , new Array("Southwestern Union Conference", "SWUC") , new Array("Guam-Micronesia Mission", "GUMM") ); arrAdmFields['NSD'] = new Array( new Array("Chinese Union Mission", "CHUM") , new Array("Japan Union Conference", "JPUC") , new Array("Korean Union Conference", "KRUC") , new Array("Mongolia Mission", "MGMF") , new Array("Taiwan Conference", "TWNM") ); arrAdmFields['SAD'] = new Array( new Array("Argentina Union Conference", "ARGU") , new Array("Bolivia Union Mission", "BLUM") , new Array("Central Brazil Union Conference", "CBUC") , new Array("Chile Union Mission", "CLUM") , new Array("East Brazil Union Mission", "EABR") , new Array("Ecuador Union Mission", "ECDU") , new Array("North Brazil Union Mission", "NBUM") , new Array("North Peru Union Mission", "NPEU") , new Array("Northeast Brazil Union Mission", "NEBUM") , new Array("Northwest Brazil Union Mission", "NWBR") , new Array("Paraguay Union of Churches Mission", "PARU") , new Array("South Brazil Union Conference", "SBUC") , new Array("South Peru Union Mission", "SPEU") , new Array("Southeast Brazil Union Conference", "EBUC") , new Array("Uruguay Union of Churches Mission", "URUU") , new Array("West Central Brazil Union Mission", "WCBU") ); arrAdmFields['SPD'] = new Array( new Array("Australian Union Conference", "AUSU") , new Array("New Zealand Pacific Union Conference", "NZPU") , new Array("Papua New Guinea Union Mission", "PNGUM") , new Array("Trans Pacific Union Mission", "TPACU") ); arrAdmFields['SID'] = new Array( new Array("Botswana Union Conference", "BOTU") , new Array("Indian Ocean Union Conference", "IOUM") , new Array("Malawi Union Conference", "MWUM") , new Array("Mozambique Union Mission", "MZUM") , new Array("North-Eastern Angola Union Mission", "NOAO") , new Array("Northern Zambia Union Conference", "NZAM") , new Array("Southern Africa Union Conference", "SAUC") , new Array("Southern Zambia Union Conference", "SZAM") , new Array("South-Western Angola Union Mission", "AGUM") , new Array("Zimbabwe Union Conference", "ZBUC") , new Array("Sao Tome and Principe Mission", "STPM") ); arrAdmFields['SUD'] = new Array( new Array("East-Central India Union Section", "CIUS") , new Array("Northeast India Union Section", "NEIUS") , new Array("Northern India Union Section", "NIUS") , new Array("South-Central India Union Section", "KRNG") , new Array("Southeast India Union Section", "SIUS") , new Array("Southwest India Union Section", "KRLA") , new Array("Western India Union Section", "WIND") , new Array("Andaman and Nicobar Island Region", "ANIR") , new Array("East Himalayan Field", "EHIM") , new Array("Nepal Section", "HIMR") ); arrAdmFields['SSD'] = new Array( new Array("Bangladesh Union Mission", "BAUM") , new Array("Central Philippine Union Conference", "CPUC") , new Array("East Indonesia Union Conference", "EIUC") , new Array("Myanmar Union Mission", "MYUM") , new Array("North Philippine Union Conference", "NPUM") , new Array("Pakistan Union Section", "PKUS") , new Array("South Philippine Union Conference", "SPUC") , new Array("Southeast Asia Union Mission", "SEAUM") , new Array("West Indonesia Union Mission", "WIUM") , new Array("Sri Lanka Mission of SDA", "SRIL") , new Array("Timor-Leste Mission", "ETIM") ); arrAdmFields['TED'] = new Array( new Array("Adriatic Union Conference", "ADUC") , new Array("Baltic Union Conference", "BAUC") , new Array("British Union Conference", "BRUC") , new Array("Danish Union of Churches Conference", "DUOC") , new Array("Finland Union of Churches Conference", "FNUC") , new Array("Hungarian Union Conference", "HUNC") , new Array("Netherlands Union of Churches Conference", "NEUC") , new Array("Norwegian Union Conference", "NRUC") , new Array("Polish Union Conference", "POUC") , new Array("South-East European Union Conference", "SEEUC") , new Array("Swedish Union of Churches Conference", "SWDC") , new Array("Cyprus Section", "CYPS") , new Array("Iceland Conference", "ICLC") ); arrAdmFields['WAD'] = new Array( new Array("Cameroon Union Mission", "CAUM") , new Array("Central African Union Mission", "CEAF") , new Array("Eastern Nigeria Union Conference", "ENUM") , new Array("Eastern Sahel Union Mission", "SAUM") , new Array("Northern Ghana Union Mission", "NOGH") , new Array("Northern Nigeria Union Conference", "NONI") , new Array("Southern Ghana Union Conference", "GHUC") , new Array("West African Union Mission", "WAUM") , new Array("Western Nigeria Union Conference", "NGUM") , new Array("Western Sahel Union Mission", "WESA") ); arrAdmFields['GMEU'] = new Array( new Array("East Mediterranean Region", "EMDF") , new Array("Egypt-Sudan Field", "EGYF") , new Array("Gulf Field", "GUSS") , new Array("North Africa Region", "MAGS") , new Array("West Asia Field", "TRKS") ); arrAdmFields['ISRF'] = new Array( ); // Unions arrAdmFields['BURM'] = new Array( new Array("East Burundi Field", "EBUR") , new Array("North Burundi Field", "NBUR") , new Array("West Burundi Field", "WBUR") ); arrAdmFields['ECUM'] = new Array( new Array("East Kasai Field", "EKSF") , new Array("East Katanga Mission", "EKAT") , new Array("North Katanga Field", "NKTF") , new Array("South Katanga Field", "SKTF") , new Array("West Katanga Field", "WKAT") ); arrAdmFields['EAKU'] = new Array( new Array("Central Kenya Conference", "CKYC") , new Array("Central Rift Valley Conference", "CRVA") , new Array("Kenya Coast Field", "KYCF") , new Array("Nyamira Conference", "NYAC") , new Array("South Kenya Conference", "SKYC") ); arrAdmFields['ETUM'] = new Array( new Array("Central Ethiopia Field", "CETF") , new Array("Northwest Ethiopia Field", "NWEF") , new Array("South Central Ethiopia Field", "SCET") , new Array("South East Ethiopia Field", "SEET") , new Array("South Ethiopia Field", "SETF") , new Array("South West Ethiopia Field", "SWET") , new Array("West Central Ethiopia Field", "WCET") , new Array("West Ethiopia Conference", "WETF") , new Array("Tigray Attached Mission", "TGAM") ); arrAdmFields['NECO'] = new Array( new Array("Central Kivu Association", "CKVA") , new Array("Kibali Ituri Mission", "KIBI") , new Array("Maniema Mission", "MANI") , new Array("North Kivu Association", "NKVA") , new Array("South Kivu Field", "SKVF") , new Array("Upper Congo Field", "UCGF") ); arrAdmFields['NTAU'] = new Array( new Array("Mara Conference", "MARC") , new Array("North-East Tanzania Conference", "NETC") , new Array("South Nyanza Conference", "SNYC") , new Array("Western Tanzania Conference", "WTZF") ); arrAdmFields['RWUM'] = new Array( new Array("Central Rwanda Field", "CRWA") , new Array("East Central Rwanda Conference", "ERWA") , new Array("East Rwanda Field", "EARW") , new Array("North Rwanda Conference", "NRWA") , new Array("North-West Rwanda Field", "NWRW") , new Array("South Rwanda Field", "SRWA") , new Array("West Rwanda Field", "WRWA") ); arrAdmFields['STAU'] = new Array( new Array("East-Central Tanzania Conference", "ETZF") , new Array("South-East Tanzania Conference", "SETA") , new Array("Southern Highlands Conference", "SWTF") ); arrAdmFields['UGUM'] = new Array( new Array("Central Uganda Conference", "CUGF") , new Array("Eastern Uganda Field", "EUGF") , new Array("Northern Uganda Field", "NUGM") , new Array("Rwenzori Field", "SWUF") , new Array("Southwestern Uganda Field", "UGAM") , new Array("Western Uganda Field", "WUGF") ); arrAdmFields['WCUM'] = new Array( new Array("Central Kasai Field", "CKAS") , new Array("Congo Equatorial Field", "CGEF") , new Array("Lower Congo Field", "LCON") , new Array("West Congo Field", "WCGF") , new Array("West Kasai Field", "WKSF") ); arrAdmFields['WKEU'] = new Array( new Array("Central Nyanza Conference", "CNYF") , new Array("Greater Rift Valley Conference", "WKYF") , new Array("Kenya Lake Conference", "KYLF") , new Array("North West Kenya Conference", "NWKE") , new Array("Ranen Conference", "RANF") , new Array("Eritrea Mission Field", "ERMF") ); arrAdmFields['SSAT'] = new Array( new Array("Greater Bahr el Ghazal Field", "BAEG") , new Array("Greater Equatoria Field", "SSDF") , new Array("Greater Upper Nile Field", "GUUN") ); arrAdmFields['ESDB'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['BELC'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['CAUU'] = new Array( new Array("Kubano-Chernomorskaya Conference", "KUCH") , new Array("North Caucasus Mission", "NCSC") , new Array("Rostov-Kalmykia Conference", "RVKM") ); arrAdmFields['ERUM'] = new Array( new Array("Central Siberian Mission", "CSIB") , new Array("East Siberian Mission", "ESIB") , new Array("West Siberian Mission", "WSBC") ); arrAdmFields['FEC'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['MOUC'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['ESUC'] = new Array( new Array("Kyrgyzstan Mission", "KYRC") , new Array("Northern Kazakhstan Mission", "NKZC") , new Array("Southern Kazakhstan Mission", "SKZC") , new Array("Tajikistan Field", "TJKM") , new Array("Turkmenistan Field", "TRKM") , new Array("Uzbekistan Field", "UZBM") ); arrAdmFields['TRCA'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['UKUC'] = new Array( new Array("Bukovinskaya Conference", "BUKC") , new Array("Central Ukrainian Conference", "CUKC") , new Array("Dnieper Conference", "DNPC") , new Array("Eastern Dnieper Conference", "EDNC") , new Array("Eastern Ukrainian Mission", "EUKC") , new Array("Kyiv Conference", "KIEV") , new Array("Podolsk Conference", "PODC") , new Array("Southern Ukrainian Conference", "SUKC") , new Array("Western Ukrainian Conference", "WUKC") ); arrAdmFields['WRUC'] = new Array( new Array("Central Conference", "WRCC") , new Array("Moscow Conference", "MOWM") , new Array("Northwestern Conference", "RNWC") , new Array("Southern Conference", "WRSC") , new Array("Ural Conference", "URLC") , new Array("Volga Conference", "VLGC") , new Array("Volgo-Vyatskaya Conference", "VVYC") ); arrAdmFields['CRIM'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['ATCA'] = new Array( new Array("Cayman Islands Conference", "CYIM") , new Array("North Bahamas Conference", "NBAM") , new Array("South Bahamas Conference", "BHMC") , new Array("Turks and Caicos Islands Mission", "TCIM") ); arrAdmFields['BELM'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['CRUC'] = new Array( new Array("East Caribbean Conference", "ECRC") , new Array("Grenada Conference", "GRNM") , new Array("Guyana Conference", "GUYC") , new Array("North Caribbean Conference", "NCRC") , new Array("South Caribbean Conference", "SCRC") , new Array("South Leeward Mission", "SLEE") , new Array("St. Lucia Mission", "STLM") , new Array("St. Vincent and the Grenadines Mission", "STVI") , new Array("Suriname Mission", "SURM") , new Array("Tobago Mission", "TOBA") ); arrAdmFields['CMUM'] = new Array( new Array("Azteca Mexican Conference", "AZMM") , new Array("Bajio Mexican Conference", "BJMX") , new Array("Metropolitan Mexican Conference", "MTMC") , new Array("Mexiquense Mexican Mission", "MXQN") , new Array("Valley Mexican Mission", "CMXC") ); arrAdmFields['SMUC'] = new Array( new Array("Central Chiapas Conference", "CCPC") , new Array("Grijalva Mission", "GRVA") , new Array("North Chiapas Conference", "NCHC") , new Array("Palenque Mission", "PALQ") , new Array("Soconusco Conference", "SCNC") , new Array("South Chiapas Mission", "SCHI") , new Array("Upper Chiapas Conference", "UPCH") , new Array("West Chiapas Conference", "WCHI") ); arrAdmFields['CUUC'] = new Array( new Array("Central Conference", "CUCD") , new Array("Del Amanecer Conference", "ORIE") , new Array("East Conference", "CUED") , new Array("West Conference", "CUWD") ); arrAdmFields['DMUM'] = new Array( new Array("Central Dominican Conference", "CDMC") , new Array("East Dominican Conference", "EDMM") , new Array("North Dominican Conference", "NDMC") , new Array("Northeast Dominican Mission", "NEDO") , new Array("South Dominican Mission", "SDMM") , new Array("Southeast Dominican Conference", "SEDM") ); arrAdmFields['DUTC'] = new Array( new Array("Aruba Mission", "ARUB") , new Array("Bonaire Mission", "BONA") , new Array("Curacao Conference", "NANC") ); arrAdmFields['EVAU'] = new Array( new Array("Central East Venezuela Conference", "CEVE") , new Array("Central Llanos Venezuela Mission", "CLLV") , new Array("Central Venezuela Conference", "CVZC") , new Array("East Venezuela Conference", "EVZM") , new Array("Northeast Venezuela Mission", "NEVE") , new Array("South Bolivar Venezuela Mission", "SOBO") , new Array("South Central Venezuela Conference", "SCVM") , new Array("Southeast Venezuela Conference", "SEVM") ); arrAdmFields['ELSA'] = new Array( new Array("Central El Salvador Conference", "CELS") , new Array("East El Salvador Conference", "EESM") , new Array("Metropolitan El Salvador Conference", "ESLC") , new Array("Paracentral El Salvador Conference", "PCES") , new Array("West El Salvador Conference", "WELS") ); arrAdmFields['FAGUM'] = new Array( new Array("French Guiana Mission", "FGUM") , new Array("Guadeloupe Conference", "GDLC") , new Array("Martinique Conference", "MTQC") ); arrAdmFields['NCAU'] = new Array( new Array("Altiplano Guatemala Mission", "ALTP") , new Array("Central Guatemala Conference", "CGUM") , new Array("East Guatemala Mission", "EGUM") , new Array("Lago Guatemala Mission", "LAGG") , new Array("Metropolitan Guatemala Conference", "CGUC") , new Array("North Guatemala Mission", "NGUA") , new Array("South Guatemala Mission", "SGUM") , new Array("West Guatemala Conference", "WGUM") ); arrAdmFields['HAUM'] = new Array( new Array("Central Haiti Conference", "CHAM") , new Array("North Haiti Mission", "NHAM") , new Array("Northwest Haiti Mission", "NWHM") , new Array("Plaine du cul de Sac Mission", "PLSA") , new Array("South Haiti Mission", "SHAM") ); arrAdmFields['MCAU'] = new Array( new Array("Atlantic Honduras Conference", "ATHO") , new Array("Bay Islands Conference", "BYIM") , new Array("Central Honduras Conference", "CHSM") , new Array("Comayaguela Mission", "COYA") , new Array("Northwest Honduras Conference", "NHSM") ); arrAdmFields['IOMU'] = new Array( new Array("Alpine Mission", "ALPI") , new Array("Central Veracruz Mission", "CEVZ") , new Array("Chontalpa Mission", "CHPA") , new Array("Isthmus Conference", "ISMM") , new Array("Los Tuxtlas Mission", "LTUX") , new Array("North Veracruz Conference", "HDVC") , new Array("Oaxaca Conference", "OXCM") , new Array("Olmeca Conference", "OLMM") , new Array("South Pacific Conference", "MSPC") , new Array("South Veracruz Conference", "SVRC") , new Array("Southeast Veracruz Mexican Conference", "SEVZ") ); arrAdmFields['WIUC'] = new Array( new Array("Central Jamaica Conference", "CJMC") , new Array("East Jamaica Conference", "EJMC") , new Array("North East Jamaica Conference", "NEJM") , new Array("North Jamaica Conference", "NJAM") , new Array("West Jamaica Conference", "WJMC") ); arrAdmFields['CLUC'] = new Array( new Array("Atlantic Colombian Conference", "ACLM") , new Array("Caribbean Colombian Conference", "CACM") , new Array("Colombian Islands Mission", "CLIM") , new Array("East Central Colombian Conference", "ECCO") , new Array("East Colombian Conference", "ECLC") , new Array("Northeast Colombian Conference", "NECL") , new Array("Southwest Colombian Mission", "SWCO") , new Array("West Central Colombian Conference", "WCCM") ); arrAdmFields['NMUC'] = new Array( new Array("Baja California Conference", "BCAC") , new Array("Chihuahua Mexican Conference", "NMXM") , new Array("Gulf Mexican Conference", "GMXM") , new Array("North Tamaulipas Mexican Conference", "NTAM") , new Array("Northeast Mexican Conference", "NEMC") , new Array("Northwest Mexican Mission", "NOEX") , new Array("Regiomontana Mission", "REGI") , new Array("Sinaloa Mexican Conference", "SINM") , new Array("Sonora Mexican Conference", "NWMC") , new Array("West Mexican Conference", "WMXM") ); arrAdmFields['PAMA'] = new Array( new Array("Atlantic Panama Mission", "ATPA") , new Array("Bocas del Toro Mission", "BDLT") , new Array("Central Panama Conference", "CPAN") , new Array("Metropolitan Panama Conference", "EPNC") , new Array("Southeast Panama Mission", "SEPA") , new Array("West Panama Conference", "WPNM") ); arrAdmFields['PRUC'] = new Array( new Array("East Puerto Rico Conference", "EPRC") , new Array("North Puerto Rico Conference", "NPTRM") , new Array("South Puerto Rico Conference", "SPTRM") , new Array("West Puerto Rico Conference", "WPRC") ); arrAdmFields['SCAU'] = new Array( new Array("Caribbean Costa Rica Mission", "CACR") , new Array("Central Nicaragua Mission", "NICM") , new Array("North Costa Rica Mission", "NOCR") , new Array("Northwestern Nicaragua Mission", "NWNI") , new Array("South Atlantic Nicaragua Mission", "SATL") , new Array("South-Central Costa Rica Conference", "CORM") ); arrAdmFields['SOCO'] = new Array( new Array("Central Colombian Conference", "CECO") , new Array("East Los Llanos Conference", "CLLB") , new Array("Northwestern Bogota and Boyaca Mission", "NWBO") , new Array("Pacific Colombian Conference", "PCLC") , new Array("South Andean Mission", "SOAN") , new Array("South Bogota Conference", "SBOG") , new Array("South Colombian Conference", "SCOL") , new Array("South Pacific Mission", "SOPA") , new Array("Upper Magdalena Conference", "UMGC") ); arrAdmFields['SEMU'] = new Array( new Array("Campeche Mission", "CAMP") , new Array("Central Tabasco Conference", "TABC") , new Array("East Tabasco Mission", "EATB") , new Array("Mayab Conference", "MYBC") , new Array("North Quintana Roo Conference", "NQUR") , new Array("South Quintana Roo Mission", "QURM") , new Array("South Tabasco Conference", "ETAB") ); arrAdmFields['VAUM'] = new Array( new Array("Central Andean Venezuela Mission", "CANV") , new Array("East Andean Venezuela Mission", "EAVE") , new Array("North Central Venezuela Conference", "NCVE") , new Array("Northwestern Venezuela Mission", "NWVE") , new Array("Southwest Venezuela Conference", "SWVM") , new Array("West Central Venezuela Conference", "WCVC") , new Array("West Los Llanos Venezuela Conference", "LLWV") , new Array("West Venezuela Conference", "WVZM") , new Array("Yaracuy Venezuela Mission", "YAVE") ); arrAdmFields['AUOC'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['BUOC'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['CSUC'] = new Array( new Array("Bohemian Conference", "BOMC") , new Array("Moravia-Silesian Conference", "MSLC") , new Array("Slovakian Conference", "SLKC") ); arrAdmFields['FBUC'] = new Array( new Array("Belgian-Luxembourg Conference", "BLXC") , new Array("North France Conference", "NFRC") , new Array("South France Conference", "SFRC") ); arrAdmFields['IUOC'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['NGUC'] = new Array( new Array("Berlin-Central German Conference", "CGRC") , new Array("Hansa Conference", "HANC") , new Array("Lower Saxonian Conference", "LSXC") , new Array("Northern Rhenish-Westfalian Conference", "NRWC") ); arrAdmFields['PUOC'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['RMUC'] = new Array( new Array("Banat Conference", "BANC") , new Array("Moldavia Conference", "MOLC") , new Array("Muntenia Conference", "MUNC") , new Array("North Transylvania Conference", "NTRC") , new Array("Oltenia Conference", "OLTC") , new Array("South Transylvania Conference", "STRC") ); arrAdmFields['SGUC'] = new Array( new Array("Baden-Wuerttemberg Conference", "BWUC") , new Array("Bavarian Conference", "BAVA") , new Array("Central Rhenish Conference", "CRHC") ); arrAdmFields['SUOC'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['SWSC'] = new Array( new Array("French-Italian Swiss Conference", "FISC") , new Array("German Swiss Conference", "GSWC") ); arrAdmFields['ATUC'] = new Array( new Array("Bermuda Conference", "BERC") , new Array("Greater New York Conference", "GNYC") , new Array("New York Conference", "NYKC") , new Array("Northeastern Conference", "ANEC") , new Array("Northern New England Conference", "NNEC") , new Array("Southern New England Conference", "SNEC") ); arrAdmFields['SCIC'] = new Array( new Array("Alberta Conference", "ALBC") , new Array("British Columbia Conference", "BCOC") , new Array("Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference", "MSKC") , new Array("Maritime Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Inc.", "MRTC") , new Array("Ontario Conference", "ONTC") , new Array("Quebec Conference", "QUBC") , new Array("SDA Church in Newfoundland and Labrador", "NWFL") ); arrAdmFields['COUC'] = new Array( new Array("Allegheny East Conference", "ALEC") , new Array("Allegheny West Conference", "ALWC") , new Array("Chesapeake Conference", "CHSC") , new Array("Mountain View Conference", "MTVC") , new Array("New Jersey Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Inc.", "NJRC") , new Array("Ohio Conference", "OHIC") , new Array("Pennsylvania Conference", "PNAC") , new Array("Potomac Conference", "POTC") ); arrAdmFields['LKUC'] = new Array( new Array("Illinois Conference", "ILNC") , new Array("Indiana Conference", "INDC") , new Array("Lake Region Conference", "LKRC") , new Array("Michigan Conference", "MICC") , new Array("Wisconsin Conference", "WISC") ); arrAdmFields['MAUC'] = new Array( new Array("Central States Conference", "CSTC") , new Array("Dakota Conference", "DAKC") , new Array("Iowa-Missouri Conference", "IWMC") , new Array("Kansas-Nebraska Conference", "KSNC") , new Array("Minnesota Conference", "MINC") , new Array("Rocky Mountain Conference", "RMTC") ); arrAdmFields['NPUC'] = new Array( new Array("Alaska Conference", "ALAC") , new Array("Idaho Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Inc.", "IDHC") , new Array("Montana Conference", "MNTC") , new Array("Oregon Conference", "ORGC") , new Array("Upper Columbia Conference", "UCLC") , new Array("Washington Conference", "WSHC") ); arrAdmFields['PAUC'] = new Array( new Array("The Arizona Conference Corporation of Seventh-day Adventists", "ARZC") , new Array("Central California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists", "CCAC") , new Array("Hawaii Conference", "HWIC") , new Array("Nevada-Utah Conference", "NVUC") , new Array("Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists", "NCAC") , new Array("Southeastern California Conference", "SECC") , new Array("Southern California Conference", "SCAC") ); arrAdmFields['NSUC'] = new Array( new Array("Carolina Conference", "CRLC") , new Array("Florida Conference", "FLRC") , new Array("Georgia-Cumberland Conference", "GCMC") , new Array("Gulf States Conference", "GSTC") , new Array("Kentucky-Tennessee Conference", "KTNC") , new Array("South Atlantic Conference", "SALC") , new Array("South Central Conference", "SSCC") , new Array("Southeastern Conference", "SSEC") ); arrAdmFields['SWUC'] = new Array( new Array("Arkansas-Louisiana Conference", "ARLC") , new Array("Oklahoma Conference", "OKLC") , new Array("Southwest Region Conference", "SWRC") , new Array("Texas Conference", "TXSC") , new Array("Texico Conference", "TXCC") ); arrAdmFields['GUMM'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['CHUM'] = new Array( new Array("China", "CHIN") , new Array("Hong Kong-Macao Conference", "HKMC") ); arrAdmFields['JPUC'] = new Array( new Array("East Japan Conference", "EJPC") , new Array("Okinawa Mission", "OKIM") , new Array("West Japan Conference", "WJPC") ); arrAdmFields['KRUC'] = new Array( new Array("East Central Korean Conference", "ECKC") , new Array("Jeju Region", "JEJU") , new Array("Middlewest Korean Conference", "MWKC") , new Array("North Korean Mission", "NKRM") , new Array("Southeast Korean Conference", "SEKC") , new Array("Southwest Korean Conference", "SWKC") , new Array("West Central Korean Conference", "WCKC") ); arrAdmFields['MGMF'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['TWNM'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['ARGU'] = new Array( new Array("Buenos Aires Conference", "BUAC") , new Array("Central Argentine Conference", "CARC") , new Array("Central West Argentine Mission", "CWAR") , new Array("North Argentine Conference", "NARC") , new Array("Northwest Argentine Mission", "NWAM") , new Array("South Argentine Conference", "SARM") ); arrAdmFields['BLUM'] = new Array( new Array("Central Bolivia Mission", "CBOM") , new Array("East Bolivia Mission", "EBLM") , new Array("West Bolivia Mission", "WBLM") ); arrAdmFields['CBUC'] = new Array( new Array("Central Sao Paulo Conference", "CSPC") , new Array("East Sao Paulo Conference", "ESPC") , new Array("Sao Paulo Conference", "SPAC") , new Array("Sao Paulo Valley Conference", "SPPV") , new Array("South Sao Paulo Conference", "SSPC") , new Array("Southeast Sao Paulo Conference", "SESP") , new Array("Southwest Sao Paulo Conference", "SWSP") , new Array("West Sao Paulo Conference", "WSPC") ); arrAdmFields['CLUM'] = new Array( new Array("Central Chile Mission", "CCLM") , new Array("Central South Chile Conference", "SCHC") , new Array("Metropolitan Chile Conference", "MCHC") , new Array("North Chile Conference", "NCHM") , new Array("Pacific Chile Mission", "PCHM") , new Array("South Austral Chile Conference", "ACHM") , new Array("South Metropolitan Chile Mission", "SOMC") ); arrAdmFields['EABR'] = new Array( new Array("Bahia Conference", "BAHC") , new Array("Central Bahia Conference", "CBAA") , new Array("North Bahia Mission", "NBAH") , new Array("Sergipe Mission", "SGAM") , new Array("South Bahia Conference", "SBHC") , new Array("Southwest Bahia Mission", "SWBA") ); arrAdmFields['ECDU'] = new Array( new Array("North Ecuador Mission", "NECM") , new Array("South Ecuador Mission", "SECM") ); arrAdmFields['NBUM'] = new Array( new Array("Maranhao Conference", "MARM") , new Array("North Para Conference", "LAZC") , new Array("Para-Amapa Mission", "PAAM") , new Array("South Maranhao Mission", "SMAR") , new Array("South Para Conference", "SPAM") , new Array("West Para Mission", "WPAR") ); arrAdmFields['NPEU'] = new Array( new Array("East Central Peru Conference", "NCPC") , new Array("North Pacific Conference", "NPACM") , new Array("North Peru Mission", "NPRM") , new Array("Northeast Peru Mission", "NEPU") , new Array("West Central Peru Mission", "WCPE") ); arrAdmFields['NEBUM'] = new Array( new Array("Alagoas Mission", "ALAG") , new Array("Ceara Conference", "NCOM") , new Array("Central Pernambuco Conference", "CPMB") , new Array("Northeast Brazil Mission", "NEBM") , new Array("Pernambuco Conference", "PRNC") , new Array("Piaui Mission", "PIAU") ); arrAdmFields['NWBR'] = new Array( new Array("Amazonas-Roraima Conference", "AMZR") , new Array("Central Amazon Conference", "CAZA") , new Array("South Rondonia Conference", "SRDC") , new Array("West Amazon Conference", "WAZC") ); arrAdmFields['PARU'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['SBUC'] = new Array( new Array("Central Parana Conference", "CPAR") , new Array("Central Rio Grande do Sul Conference", "CSRG") , new Array("North Parana Conference", "NPAC") , new Array("North Santa Catarina Conference", "NOSC") , new Array("Rio Grande do Sul Conference", "RGSC") , new Array("Santa Catarina Conference", "SCTC") , new Array("South Parana Conference", "SPRC") , new Array("West Parana Conference", "WEPA") , new Array("Western Rio Grande do Sul Mission", "WRGSM") ); arrAdmFields['SPEU'] = new Array( new Array("Central Andina Mission", "CANM") , new Array("Central Peru Conference", "SCPC") , new Array("Central South Peru Mission", "CSPE") , new Array("East Peru Mission", "EPRM") , new Array("Lake Titicaca Mission", "LKTM") , new Array("South Peru Mission", "SPRM") , new Array("Southeast Peru Mission", "SEPU") ); arrAdmFields['EBUC'] = new Array( new Array("Central Minas Conference", "CMNC") , new Array("East Minas Conference", "EMNC") , new Array("Espirito Santo Conference", "ESSC") , new Array("North Minas Mission", "NOMI") , new Array("Rio de Janeiro Conference", "RDJC") , new Array("Rio Fluminense Conference", "RFUC") , new Array("South Espirito Santo Conference", "SOES") , new Array("South Minas Conference", "SMNC") , new Array("South Rio Conference", "SRJC") ); arrAdmFields['URUU'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['WCBU'] = new Array( new Array("Central Brazil Conference", "CBRC") , new Array("Central Planalto Conference", "CPLC") , new Array("Mato Grosso Conference", "MGRM") , new Array("South Mato Grosso Conference", "SMGC") , new Array("Tocantins Mission", "TOCS") ); arrAdmFields['AUSU'] = new Array( new Array("Greater Sydney Conference", "GSYC") , new Array("North New South Wales Conference", "NNSWC") , new Array("Northern Australian Conference", "NASC") , new Array("South Australian Conference", "SASC") , new Array("South New South Wales Conference", "SNSWC") , new Array("South Queensland Conference", "SQUC") , new Array("Tasmanian Conference", "TASC") , new Array("Victorian Conference", "VCTC") , new Array("Western Australian Conference", "WASC") ); arrAdmFields['NZPU'] = new Array( new Array("Cook Islands Mission", "CISM") , new Array("French Polynesia Mission", "FPLM") , new Array("New Caledonia Mission", "NCLM") , new Array("North New Zealand Conference", "NNZC") , new Array("Pitcairn Field Station", "PTAC") , new Array("South New Zealand Conference", "SNZC") ); arrAdmFields['PNGUM'] = new Array( new Array("Bougainville Mission", "BOUM") , new Array("Central Papua Conference", "CPPM") , new Array("Eastern Highlands Simbu Mission", "EHSM") , new Array("Madang Manus Mission", "MDMM") , new Array("Morobe Mission", "MORM") , new Array("New Britain New Ireland Mission", "NBNIM") , new Array("Northern and Milne Bay Mission", "NEPM") , new Array("Sepik Mission", "SEPM") , new Array("South West Papua Mission", "SWPM") , new Array("Western Highlands Mission", "WHIM") ); arrAdmFields['TPACU'] = new Array( new Array("American Samoa Region", "AMSA") , new Array("Fiji Mission", "FIJM") , new Array("Kiribati Mission", "KRBM") , new Array("Niue Field Station", "NIUE") , new Array("Samoa-Tokelau Mission", "SAMM") , new Array("Solomon Islands Mission", "SOIM") , new Array("Tonga Mission", "TGNM") , new Array("Tuvalu Region", "TUVF") , new Array("Vanuatu Mission", "VNTM") ); arrAdmFields['BOTU'] = new Array( new Array("North Botswana Conference", "NBTF") , new Array("South Botswana Conference", "SBTF") ); arrAdmFields['IOUM'] = new Array( new Array("Central Malagasy Conference", "CMLC") , new Array("Mahajanga Mission", "NMMA") , new Array("Mauritius Conference", "MRSC") , new Array("Mayotte Field Station", "MAYT") , new Array("North Malagasy Conference", "NMAN") , new Array("Reunion Conference", "REUC") , new Array("Seychelles Mission", "SEYM") , new Array("South Malagasy Conference", "SMLM") ); arrAdmFields['MWUM'] = new Array( new Array("Central Malawi Conference", "CMLF") , new Array("North Malawi Field", "NMLF") , new Array("South Malawi Field", "SMLF") ); arrAdmFields['MZUM'] = new Array( new Array("Central Mission", "CMZM") , new Array("North Mission", "NMZM") , new Array("North-East Mission", "NEMZ") , new Array("South Mission", "SMZM") ); arrAdmFields['NOAO'] = new Array( new Array("East Association Mission", "EAGM") , new Array("North Association Mission", "NAGM") ); arrAdmFields['NZAM'] = new Array( new Array("Copperbelt Zambia Conference", "CZAF") , new Array("Luapula Zambia Conference", "LUPF") , new Array("Midlands Zambia Conference", "CZAC") , new Array("North Zambia Field", "NZAF") ); arrAdmFields['SAUC'] = new Array( new Array("Cape Conference", "CAPC") , new Array("KwaZulu Natal-Free State Conference", "KNSC") , new Array("Lesotho Conference", "LESC") , new Array("North Namibia Conference", "NNAM") , new Array("Northern Conference", "TSVC") , new Array("South Namibia Conference", "NAMF") , new Array("Swaziland Conference", "SWZC") , new Array("Trans-Orange Conference", "TORC") ); arrAdmFields['SZAM'] = new Array( new Array("East Zambia Field", "EZAF") , new Array("Lusaka Conference", "LUSK") , new Array("South Zambia Conference", "SZAF") , new Array("West Zambia Field", "WZAF") ); arrAdmFields['AGUM'] = new Array( new Array("Central Association Mission", "CAGM") , new Array("South Association Mission", "SASM") ); arrAdmFields['ZBUC'] = new Array( new Array("Central Zimbabwe Conference", "CZBC") , new Array("East Zimbabwe Conference", "EZBC") , new Array("North Zimbabwe Conference", "NZBW") , new Array("North-West Zimbabwe Conference", "NWZW") , new Array("South Zimbabwe Conference", "SZBW") , new Array("West Zimbabwe Conference", "WZBC") ); arrAdmFields['STPM'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['CIUS'] = new Array( new Array("Adilabad Region", "ADIL") , new Array("Guntur Region", "GUNT") , new Array("Hyderabad Metro Section", "HDMR") , new Array("North Andhra Section", "NADS") , new Array("North Orissa Region", "NOOR") , new Array("North Rayalaseema Section", "NRAR") , new Array("Northeast Andhra Section", "NEAR") , new Array("Northwest Andhra Section", "NWAR") , new Array("Orissa Section", "ORSR") , new Array("South Andhra Section", "SADS") , new Array("South Rayalaseema Section", "SRYR") , new Array("Southeast Andhra Section", "SEAS") , new Array("Vishaka Metro Region", "VHKM") , new Array("West Andhra Section", "WADS") ); arrAdmFields['NEIUS'] = new Array( new Array("Arunachal Pradesh Region", "APRR") , new Array("Assam Region", "ASSR") , new Array("Garo Section", "GARS") , new Array("Khasi Jaintia Conference", "KHJC") , new Array("Manipur Conference", "MNPS") , new Array("Mizo Conference", "MIZC") , new Array("Nagaland Region", "NGLS") ); arrAdmFields['NIUS'] = new Array( new Array("Bihar Region", "BIHA") , new Array("Chhattisgarh Region", "CHTR") , new Array("Delhi Metro Region", "DELM") , new Array("Eastern Jharkhand Section", "EJHR") , new Array("Eastern Uttar Pradesh Region", "EUPR") , new Array("Haryana Region", "HYNR") , new Array("Himachal Pradesh Region", "HMLN") , new Array("Madhya Bharat Section", "MBHS") , new Array("North Bengal Section", "WBGS") , new Array("North India Section", "NINS") , new Array("South Bengal Section", "SBGR") , new Array("Upper Ganges Section", "UGAS") , new Array("Western Jharkhand Section", "BIHS") , new Array("Western Uttar Pradesh Region", "WUPR") ); arrAdmFields['KRNG'] = new Array( new Array("Bangalore Metro Conference", "BNGM") , new Array("Goa-West Karnataka Section", "GWKR") , new Array("Kolar-Chinthamani Region", "CHNK") , new Array("North Karnataka Section", "NKAR") , new Array("Raichur-Bellary Region", "RBEL") , new Array("South Karnataka Section", "SKAS") ); arrAdmFields['SIUS'] = new Array( new Array("Chennai Metro Section", "CHMR") , new Array("Coimbatore Tirupur Region", "COTI") , new Array("Dharmapuri Region", "DHRI") , new Array("Erode Nilgiris Section", "ERNR") , new Array("Kanchipuram-Chengalpattu Section", "CHKA") , new Array("North Tamil Conference", "NTMC") , new Array("Pudukottai-Thirumayam Region", "PDKY") , new Array("Sivagangai Ramanathapuram Section", "RSVR") , new Array("South Tamil Conference", "STMC") , new Array("Thanjavur-Karaikal Section", "THKA") , new Array("Theni-Periyakulam Region", "THPE") , new Array("Vellore Region", "VELL") , new Array("Villupuram-Tindivanam Region", "VITH") ); arrAdmFields['KRLA'] = new Array( new Array("Alappuzha-Pathanamthitta Section", "ALPA") , new Array("Idukki Section", "IDUR") , new Array("Malabar Region", "MLBR") , new Array("North Kerala Section", "NKES") , new Array("South Kerala Section", "SKES") ); arrAdmFields['WIND'] = new Array( new Array("Central Maharashtra Conference", "MHRS") , new Array("Gujarat Conference", "GUJC") , new Array("Mumbai Metro Section", "MMBR") , new Array("North Maharashtra Section", "NMHR") , new Array("Saurashtra Region", "SAUR") , new Array("South Gujarat Region", "SOGJ") , new Array("South Maharashtra Section", "SMAH") , new Array("Vidarbha Region (Nagpur)", "VIDH") ); arrAdmFields['ANIR'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['EHIM'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['HIMR'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['BAUM'] = new Array( new Array("East Bangladesh Mission", "EBGR") , new Array("North Bangladesh Mission", "NBGM") , new Array("South Bangladesh Mission", "SBGM") , new Array("West Bangladesh Mission", "WBGM") ); arrAdmFields['CPUC'] = new Array( new Array("Central Visayan Conference", "CVSC") , new Array("East Visayan Conference", "EVSC") , new Array("Negros Occidental Conference", "NGOC") , new Array("Negros Oriental-Siquijor Mission", "NOSM") , new Array("Romblon Adventist Mission", "RMBF") , new Array("West Visayan Conference", "WVSC") ); arrAdmFields['EIUC'] = new Array( new Array("Bolaang Mongondow and Gorontalo Mission", "BMGO") , new Array("Central Sulawesi Mission", "CSLM") , new Array("Luwu Tana Toraja Mission", "LUTA") , new Array("Maluku Mission", "MLKM") , new Array("Minahasa Conference", "SMHC") , new Array("North Minahasa Bitung Mission", "NMBI") , new Array("North Minahasa Conference", "NMNC") , new Array("Northern Island Mission", "STIM") , new Array("Papua Mission", "IRJM") , new Array("South Sulawesi Conference", "SSUC") , new Array("West Papua Mission", "WESP") ); arrAdmFields['MYUM'] = new Array( new Array("Ayeyarwady Mission", "AYYM") , new Array("Central Myanmar Mission", "CMYM") , new Array("South East Mission", "MSEM") , new Array("Upper Myanmar Mission", "UMYM") , new Array("Yangon Attached District", "YGAD") ); arrAdmFields['NPUM'] = new Array( new Array("Central Luzon Conference", "CLZC") , new Array("Mountain Provinces Mission", "MTPM") , new Array("Northeast Luzon Mission", "NELZ") , new Array("Northern Luzon Mission", "NLZM") , new Array("Palawan Adventist Mission", "PAWA") , new Array("South-Central Luzon Conference", "SCLM") , new Array("Southern Luzon Mission", "SLZM") ); arrAdmFields['PKUS'] = new Array( new Array("Northern Section", "PKNS") , new Array("Southern Section", "PKSS") ); arrAdmFields['SPUC'] = new Array( new Array("Davao Mission", "DAVM") , new Array("North Central Mindanao Conference", "NMDC") , new Array("Northeastern Mindanao Mission", "NEMM") , new Array("Southern Mindanao Mission", "SMDM") , new Array("Western Mindanao Conference", "WMDC") , new Array("Zamboanga Peninsula Mission", "SWMD") ); arrAdmFields['SEAUM'] = new Array( new Array("Cambodia Adventist Mission", "CMAD") , new Array("Peninsular Malaysia Mission", "PMYM") , new Array("Sabah Mission", "SABM") , new Array("Sarawak Mission", "SRWM") , new Array("Singapore Conference", "SGPM") , new Array("Thailand Mission", "THLM") , new Array("Vietnam Mission", "VIEM") , new Array("Lao Attached Field", "LAAC") ); arrAdmFields['WIUM'] = new Array( new Array("Central Java Mission", "CJAV") , new Array("Central Sumatra Mission", "CSUM") , new Array("East Java Conference", "EJVC") , new Array("East Kalimantan Mission", "EKLM") , new Array("Jakarta Conference", "JAKC") , new Array("North Sumatra Mission", "NSUM") , new Array("Nusa Tenggara Mission", "NTEM") , new Array("South Sumatra Mission", "SSUM") , new Array("West Java Conference", "WJVC") , new Array("West Kalimantan Attached District", "WKLM") ); arrAdmFields['SRIL'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['ETIM'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['ADUC'] = new Array( new Array("Albanian Mission of Seventh-day Adventists", "ALBM") , new Array("Croatian Conference", "CROC") , new Array("Slovenian Conference", "SLVC") ); arrAdmFields['BAUC'] = new Array( new Array("Estonian Conference", "ESTC") , new Array("Latvian Conference", "LTVC") , new Array("Lithuanian Conference", "LTHF") ); arrAdmFields['BRUC'] = new Array( new Array("Irish Mission", "IRIM") , new Array("North England Conference", "NEGC") , new Array("Scottish Mission", "SCTM") , new Array("South England Conference", "SEGC") , new Array("Welsh Mission", "WELM") ); arrAdmFields['DUOC'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['FNUC'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['HUNC'] = new Array( new Array("Duna Conference", "DUNC") , new Array("Tisza Conference", "TSZC") ); arrAdmFields['NEUC'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['NRUC'] = new Array( new Array("East Norway Conference", "ENWC") , new Array("North Norway Conference", "NNWC") , new Array("West Norway Conference", "WNWC") ); arrAdmFields['POUC'] = new Array( new Array("East Polish Conference", "EPOC") , new Array("South Polish Conference", "SPOC") , new Array("West Polish Conference", "WPOC") ); arrAdmFields['SEEUC'] = new Array( new Array("Bosnia and Herzegovina Conference", "MCWC") , new Array("Macedonian Mission", "MACM") , new Array("North Conference", "MCNC") , new Array("South Conference", "MCSC") ); arrAdmFields['SWDC'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['CYPS'] = new Array( new Array("Greek Mission", "GRKM") ); arrAdmFields['ICLC'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['CAUM'] = new Array( new Array("Central-South Cameroon Conference", "CSCM") , new Array("East Cameroon Mission", "ECMM") , new Array("North Cameroon Conference", "NCMM") , new Array("West Cameroon Mission", "WCMM") ); arrAdmFields['CEAF'] = new Array( new Array("Central African Republic Mission", "CARM") , new Array("Chad Mission", "CHDM") , new Array("Congo Region", "CAMS") , new Array("Equatorial Guinea Mission", "EQGM") , new Array("Gabon Mission", "GABM") ); arrAdmFields['ENUM'] = new Array( new Array("Aba East Conference", "ENGC") , new Array("Aba North Conference", "ABAN") , new Array("Aba South Conference", "ABAS") , new Array("Abia North-Central Conference", "ECNM") , new Array("Akwa Ibom Conference", "AKIB") , new Array("Anambra Mission", "ANAM") , new Array("Bayelsa Mission", "BAYE") , new Array("Cross River Conference", "NSEM") , new Array("Ebonyi Conference", "EBON") , new Array("Enugu Conference", "ENEB") , new Array("Imo Conference", "ANIM") , new Array("Port Harcourt Conference", "RVSC") , new Array("Rivers East Conference", "RIEA") , new Array("Rivers West Conference", "WERI") ); arrAdmFields['SAUM'] = new Array( new Array("Benin Mission", "BENM") , new Array("Burkina Faso Mission", "BKFM") , new Array("Cote d'Ivoire Conference", "CIGM") , new Array("Niger Region", "NGMS") , new Array("Togo Conference", "TOGM") ); arrAdmFields['NOGH'] = new Array( new Array("Ashanti Central Ghana Conference", "ASCG") , new Array("Ashanti South Ghana Conference", "ASSG") , new Array("Central Ghana Conference", "CGHC") , new Array("Green View Ghana Conference", "GRVG") , new Array("Mid-Central Ghana Conference", "MICG") , new Array("Mid-North Ghana Conference", "MING") , new Array("Mid-West Ghana Conference", "MWGM") , new Array("Mountain View Ghana Conference", "MVGH") , new Array("North Ghana Mission", "NGHM") , new Array("South Central Ghana Conference", "SCGC") ); arrAdmFields['NONI'] = new Array( new Array("North Central Nigeria Conference", "NCNI") , new Array("North East Nigeria Conference", "NENM") , new Array("North West Nigeria Conference", "NWNC") ); arrAdmFields['GHUC'] = new Array( new Array("Accra City Conference", "SGHC") , new Array("East Ghana Conference", "EGHC") , new Array("Mid-South Ghana Conference", "MSGH") , new Array("South West Ghana Conference", "SWGC") ); arrAdmFields['WAUM'] = new Array( new Array("Central Liberia Mission", "CELI") , new Array("Guinea Region", "GUIN") , new Array("Sierra Leone Mission", "SLNM") , new Array("South-East Liberia Mission", "SELI") , new Array("South-West Liberia Conference", "SWLI") ); arrAdmFields['NGUM'] = new Array( new Array("Delta Conference", "DELC") , new Array("Edo Conference", "EDDM") , new Array("Ekiti Conference", "EKIT") , new Array("Kogi Region", "KOGI") , new Array("Kwara Conference", "KWAC") , new Array("Lagos Atlantic Conference", "LAAT") , new Array("Lagos Mainland Conference", "LAMA") , new Array("Ogun Conference", "OGUN") , new Array("Ondo Mission", "SWNC") , new Array("Osun Conference", "OSUN") , new Array("Oyo Conference", "WNGC") ); arrAdmFields['WESA'] = new Array( new Array("Cabo Verde Conference", "CVDM") , new Array("Gambia Region", "GBMS") , new Array("Guinea-Bissau Mission", "GUBM") , new Array("Mali Mission", "MALM") , new Array("Senegal/Mauritania Mission", "SMAM") ); arrAdmFields['EMDF'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['EGYF'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['GUSS'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['MAGS'] = new Array( ); arrAdmFields['TRKS'] = new Array( );