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Amazing Grace Seventh-day Adventist Church
(Amazing Grace)
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A lively, young Adventist Church family who loves the Lord and enjoys their fellowship and worship. Music and Bible Studies are the characteristics that keep you coming back for more.

Deacons Main Road
Deacons Farm, St. Michael BB
Mail:  Post Office Box 981E
Eagle Hall Post Office
Eagle Hall, St. Michael BB
Members 230
Pastor Anthony Hoyte, Pastor
Asst/Assoc:  Mr Keith Rayside II, 1st Elder
Phone:  246-425-6995
Email:  (Amazing Grace SDA)
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Services: Saturday: 9:15 am Sabbath School, 11:00 am Worship
Sunday: 6:30 pm Evangelistic
Wednesday: 7:15 pm Prayer Service
Language:  English
Conference:  East Caribbean Conference (website)
Union:  Caribbean Union Conference (website)
Division:  Inter-American Division (website)
Type:  Church (CCH)
Updated:  Wednesday, July 28, 2010
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