This is an example page of an IFrame based tool that can be added your website to allow people to search for churches from within your web page. Two parameters are passed to specify what type of locator you want. For an NAD Church Locator use "?AdmFieldID=NAD&EntityType=C" as in the following example. For an NAD School Locator use "?AdmFieldID=NAD&EntityType=E". If you have any further questions contact the AST Web Developer.

Adventist Church Locator

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Example site(s) in use:
Southwestern Union Church Locator

Other variables that can be included: (This formatting feature has currently been disabled. It may be redeveloped on the new platform if there is enough demand.)

Variable: Example Value: Description:
StartViewParams (none) Start variable for View Parameters
vpBgColor white Background color (leave out #)
vpBoxColor black Color of box outline
vpBoxTitleColor White Color of box title
vpBoxBgColor White Box background color
EndViewParams (none) End variable for View Parameters


Other Site(s): (List view. Needs further development.)