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Note: This form is now for organizations outside of North American only!
North American Division organizations should now send their create requests to eadventist.net.

This form can be used to request that new entities be added to the organizational directory. Please DO NOT submit individual information! This is an organizational directory, not a directory of individuals.

Before using this form please make sure you have searched for the entity you are requesting, checking for other name possibilities as well. If the entity already exists submit a "change" request to that entry as needed.

The New Life International Seventh-day Adventist Church is a good example of a church listing on the Adventist Directory.
Please DO NOT USE Internet Explorer to fill out this form if you plan on using NON-ENGLISH LANGUAGE characters in your profile information. Please use Firefox, Chrome, or Opera instead. Examples of NON-ENGLISH LANGUAGE characters include the following: Ç ü é â ï Å Æ θ ξ л    You are using Internet Explorer if you see "Create Directory Entity - Internet Explorer" at the top left of your screen.
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Location: Latitude (decimal format)   :    NOTE: Latitude is negative west of Greenwich, London, England, and positive east of Greenwich.
Longitude (decimal format):    NOTE: Longitude is negative south of the equator, and positive north of the equator.
           Zip/Postal Code (Street)
           User Generated Lat/Lon (from a source like Google Maps or a GPS device)

Lat/Lon values may be found using this tool. Use the Satellite or Hybrid mode see an aerial view of the location.

To find Latitude and Longitude in decimal format using Google maps, center the map on the proper location, click on "Link to this page" on the top right of the map, look in the box entitled "Paste link in email or IM", and find the latitude and longitude in the large string of characters right after &ll=

For example: notice the latitude (39.061333) and longitude (-76.965677) of the General Conference building in the following URL:

Test the Lat/Lon values by typing them in the Google Maps search box like this:   39.061333,-76.965677   to see if Google Maps displays the proper location.

Convert Lat/Lon values from Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds to Decimal values if necessary.


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