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Yale Seventh-day Adventist Church

Additional Information:
Adventists have not always been around here... Short version of a great story: This church is located in a area that was populated decades ago by Russian Speaking people. They came here originally from the Ukraine and some from the territory of Russia as well. The church was Baptist and they spoke their native Russian language. Upon the end of evangelistic meetings by a Russian Adventist Pastor, the whole church minus a couple of families joined the Adventist Church. Praise the Lord for Evangelism. Now members from this church travel across the street and abroad to minister to people. Mission trips to Dominican Republic, Argentina and the Phillipines are a normal occurance with us here in Yale. We hope for the coming of the Savior, we long for that day with burning hearts. Even so, come Lord Jesus, Amen.

19155 Courthouse Rd
Yale VA 23897-5305
Members 48
Pastor Sheldon R Bryan
Website:  http://yaleva.adventistchurch.org
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Lat/Lon:  Latitude: 36.857415, Longitude: -77.291344 , Source: Address
Services: Sabbath School: 10:00 am
Church: 11:00 am
Language:  English
Sunset:  4:58 PM   TimeZone: UTC-5
Conference:  Potomac Conference (website)
Union:  Columbia Union Conference (website)
Division:  North American Division (website)
Type:  Church (CCH)
Updated:  Saturday, April 15, 2023
Source:  eAdventist
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